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Sherlock Holmes – The Creeping Man with subtitles:

Watson is married and has a busy practice. He says this was one of Holmes’ last cases (Sept. 1903) and that the facts have been in the dispatch box for over 20 years.

Holmes is considering writing a monograph on dogs in detective work, not for tracking, but because a dog reflects the attitude of a family: a happy family has a happy dog, a dangerous family has a dangerous dog etc.

Holmes has been contacted by Bennett and says that Roy has attacked Professor Presbury on several occasions before being banished to the barn. Roy attacks no one else and is otherwise quite manageable.

Professor Presbury fell in love with his colleague’s daughter and she reluctantly agreed to marry him. After the marriage, the professor disappeared for two weeks and would not tell any one where he had been, but one of his former students told Bennett that he had seen him in Prague.

The professor has been radically different after his return: combative, more physical etc. “A shadow darkened his higher qualities.” He is seen creeping about on all fours (Hence the title, clever, huh?)

Holmes deduces that he has been taking a rejuvenating serum manufactured from Langur monkeys by Lowenstein and supplied to Presbury via Dorak. Just after taking the serum, the professor is quite ape-like for an interval of several hours and likes to tease the dog. Finally the dog gets loose and attacks him. Fortunately, Holmes, Watson and Bennett are on hand to pull them apart.

Holmes says he will write Lowenstein and tell him he will be held responsible for the criminal effects of his serum. No further epilogue is available.

Sherlock Holmes – The Creeping Man with subtitles:


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