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Sherlock Holmes – The Musgrave Ritual with subtitles:
The “Musgrave Ritual” is a cryptic series of questions which has been in the family for many generations — so many that the original meaning has been lost — all male Musgraves must learn it as a rite of passage into manhood.

Musgrave finds Brunton poring over the ritual and related family documents late at night. He fires Brunton on the spot, but after much pleading, allows him to remain for one week. Two days later, Brunton vanishes late at night.

Two days after Brunton’s disappearance, Rachael (who has been distraught since her break-up with Brunton) also disappears. Her tracks lead into the mere. The mere is dragged and although no body is found, a linen parcel containing a number of blackened metal plates and pebbles is found.

Musgrave knew Holmes at school and asks him for his advice.

Holmes deduces that the ritual is a guide to a treasure buried on the estate long ago by noble ancestors and that this treasure is the contents of the linen parcel.. He finds Brunton’s body in a small subterranean cell bent over an ancient chest. The chest is empty.

He proves that Rachael was taken into Brunton’s confidence so she could help him raise the large, heavy flagstone “lid” which served as an entrance to the secret vault. Whether she closed the lid intentionally to get revenge on her former lover or whether it closed accidentally and she was unable to reopen it remains unresolved as she is never found.

Sherlock Holmes – The Musgrave Ritual with subtitles


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