Oct 192012

Sherlock Holmes – The Red Headed League with subtitles: When Watson visits his friend at Baker Street, he finds Holmes conversing with Mr. Jabez Wilson, the red-haired owner of a small pawnbroker’s business.

Eight weeks earlier, Wilson had responded to a rather curious advertisement. The ad, from “The Red-Headed League,” was seeking a new member who would be entitled to a “salary of four pounds a week for purely nominal services.” Red-headed men over the age twenty-one were asked to respond to the ad the following Monday.

When Wilson went to apply for the job, the street was full of men with all shades of red hair. Mr. Wilson’s fiery red hair made him the best candidate, and he accepted the job which was offered to him. The job required him to stay in a small office from ten to two, and copy the Encyclopaedia Britannica. After working for eight weeks, Wilson arrived at the office to find a sign on the door saying the Red-Headed League had dissolved.

Sherlock Holmes – The Red Headed League with subtitles:


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