Oct 192012

Sherlock Holmes – The Six Napoleons with subtitles:

Lestrade consults Holmes about a series of petty burglaries in which someone is stealing and breaking cheap busts of Napoleon. Watson observes, “There are no limits to the possibilities of monomania.” Then, one of the thefts is accompanied by a murder.

Through a rather complex series of inquires, Holmes deduces the chain of events. Beppo learned of the pearl from Pietro who in turn had learned of it from his sister. Beppo stole it and still had it in his possession two days later when he stabbed a fellow worker just outside Gelder & Co. The police were hot on his heels so he hid the pearl in one of the soft plaster busts of Napoleon.

Beppo was sentenced to a year in jail (his victim lived) and when he got out, the busts had been sold. He began tracking them down and cracking them open. Looking for the pearl. Pietro caught him in the act of committing one of the burglaries (of Horace Harker) and was murdered by Beppo. Holmes and Lestrade lay in wait for him at Browns house and captured him.

Since the other five busts had been opened and proven empty, the sixth, owned by Mr. Sandeford, must contain the pearl. Holmes paid him 10 pounds for it and recovered the pearl, which he apparently kept – we are not told.

Sherlock Holmes – The Six Napoleons with subtitles:


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