Oct 152012

Steve Kaufmann has created a series of 7 videos on language learning. You have seen:

1) spend enough time with the language to make progress
2) choose the activities that you like
3) notice what is happening in the language
4) remember that if you know the vocabulary, “the grammar will come”
5) be patient

And now here are the sixth and the seventh ones.

The Seven Secrets to Successful Language Learning: #6 Get The Tools

The Seven Secrets to Successful Language Learning: #7 Become an Independent Language Learner

Steve Kaufmann Secrets – Words Over Grammar
Steve Kaufmann Secrets – Do What You Like To Do!
Steve Kaufmann Secrets – Be with the Language!

Listen to ESL Podcasts and AudioBooks with Transcript
Listen to ESL Podcasts with Notes
Learn English from Teachers
Practise Your English Online

Choose Meaningful Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or Advanced Series

Source: YouTube

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