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Study English – IELTS Preparation by the Australia Network, produced in partnership with UTS:INSEARCH, is a series of programs that develop skills and strategies for intermediate to advanced learners of English – especially those preparing to take the IELTS test.

Each program explores a different aspect of the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills needed for the IELTS test.

The Episodes of Study English Series 1

S01E01: Electronic Crime
S01E02: Vitamin D
S01E03: Company Growth
S01E04: Rising Dollar
S01E05: Global Warming
S01E06: Greenhouse Gases
S01E07: Enviro-loo
S01E08: Crocodile Tourism
S01E09: ADHD
S01E10: Solar House
S01E11: Recount in the Past
S01E12: Carbon Cycle
S01E13: Under the sea
S01E14: Junk DNA
S01E15: Sea floor
S01E16: DVT
S01E17: Water and ageing
S01E18: Salinity
S01E19: Weather report
S01E20: Torres Strait
S01E21: Watching birds
S01E22: Finance Report
S01E23: Octopuses
S01E24: Perfect siesta
S01E25: Copyright
S01E26: Archaeology

The Episodes of Study English Series 2

S02E01: Eye Testing
S02E02: Ginseng
S02E03: Jarrah Forest
S02E04: Clouds
S02E05: Virtual Doctor
S02E06: Lasers
S02E07: Mars
S02E08: Air Archive
S02E09: Whale Sharks
S02E10: Durians
S02E11: Mangroves
S02E12: Cane Toads
S02E13: Welding
S02E14: Termites
S02E15: Astronomer
S02E16: Glass Artist
S02E17: Naturopathic Medicine
S02E18: Outback Tourism
S02E19: Old Trees
S02E20: Zoos
S02E21: Health
S02E22: Phonics
S02E23: Eco-systems
S02E24: New Training
S02E25: Academic Writing
S02E26: General Task Writing

The Episodes of Study English Series 3

S03E01: IELTS Assessment Criteria
S03E02: Writing Task Response
S03E03: Cohesion & Coherence in Writing
S03E04: Sentence Types
S03E05: Vocabulary Range
S03E06: Question Tasks and Topics in Writing
S03E07: The Speaking Test
S03E08: Speaking Fluently
S03E09: Speaking Coherently
S03E10: Vocabulary for Speaking
S03E11: Grammatical Range in the Speaking Test
S03E12: Intonation
S03E13: Reading Skills and Question Types
S03E14: General Training Reading
S03E15: Listening for Signpost Words
S03E16: Listening for Numbers
S03E17: Talking about Festivals & Celebrations
S03E18: Labelling & Describing an Object
S03E19: Labelling a Flow Chart
S03E20: Giving Examples
S03E21: Talking About the Family
S03E22: Talking About Holidays and Leisure Time
S03E23: Talking About Food
S03E24: Word Formation
S03E25: Grammar Checklist
S03E26: Giving Advice

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  1. very nice learning method, but it would be better if tape script and practice script is available.

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