Oct 262012

Listen to one of Luke’s stand-up gigs.

First I talk about stand-up comedy and tell you some common expressions to describe comedy performances (see below). Then listen to me describing how I feel before a comedy gig, then listen to a recording of a recent gig. Finally I describe how I feel after the gig.

There is some explicit content in this episode. Please don’t listen if you are offended easily.

Here are some expressions I describe in the podcast
When a comedian has a bad performance and gets no laughs:
“He absolutely bombed last night” – to bomb
“He died on stage” – to die
“He died on his arse tonight” – to die on your arse
When a comedian is doing well
“He’s absolutely killing the audience” – he’s really making them laugh a lot
“This joke always kills” – the joke always gets a good laugh
The punchline – the line that gets the laugh / to punch someone (another meaning – to hit him in the face)

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