Jul 252013

Teacher Luke: One Man. One Car. One Destination. *Transcript now available*

In this episode you join me in a BMW Mini as I attempt to drive across Paris, through some of Europe’s busiest streets, on a very hot July afternoon. My mission is to deliver the car to a car-park while avoiding angry Parisian drivers, pedestrians with prams, and buses full of Japanese tourists. The ultimate goal – a glass of cold beer on the terrace of a cafe, and to save the world through another episode of Luke’s English Podcast, of course. Do I manage to complete my mission? And what driving-related vocabulary can you learn during this episode? Listen, and you will find out…

Transcript: Hello everybody, welcome to Luke’s English Podcast. In this episode, I’m actually in a car. I’m driving across Paris and you’re going to join me. You might be thinking; “Why are you driving across Paris, Luke?” and more importantly “Why are you recording another episode of Luke’s English Podcast while you’re doing it?” Well, to put this into some context, this afternoon, I actually had the afternoon off and I was going to record a podcast in the flat. But my plans were interrupted by a friend who was kind of in a bit of an emergency and my friend basically needed me to help drive some documents across town. So, I’ve already done that. I’ve rented a car, using Hertz Rental Car, which is pretty cool.

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