Apr 242013

Teacher Luke: In this episode you can listen to 30 minutes of my stand-up comedy performance from last Friday in Paris.

You can watch a video of this performance below.

Thanks for messages which you have sent to me recently. I intend to reply to them all either by mail or on a podcast.

As you may know I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for about the same length of time as the podcast. There are stand-up comedy gigs in Paris now, and because there are not many performers it is easier to get stage time. In London you have to beg people for gigs, but in Paris people are asking me to do it, which is great. There is a growing scene of stand-up in English here in Paris and it’s exciting to be a part of it. It’s not just in Paris though. There are English stand-up nights in many other cities such as Tokyo and Berlin. Why don’t you see if there are stand-up gigs or events in your town or area? It could be a good way to practise your English, meet people or make English speaking friends. Who knows, maybe you could try some stand-up yourself.

Watch Luke’s performance here:


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