Oct 172012

The funny accent-boy said about The English Language In 24 Accents video:

“Anyway this video is me attempting to do 24 different accents from my own country and from other countries around the world. Hopefully I got most of them right but I may have made mistakes and I can do some better than others. However, I made this video for my friends because I promised them I would do an accent video. I mean no offence to anyone and please don’t be upset if I have not included your specific accent or got it wrong. Please enable and read the annotations too, as they explain a few things.
Also please note that I learned most of these accents randomly off of TV, movies and video games over the years and some can be very stereotypical. And yes, I am filming in the garden shed lol as its more quiet in there.”

The English Language In 24 Accents

1. British – Southern English – East London – Cockney
2. British (Jamaican influenced) – Southern English – London – street
3. British – Southern English – Formal
4. British – Southern English – Posh upper class
5. British –English – West Country
6. British –Northern English – Manchester
7. British –Northern English – Liverpool
8. British –Welsh
9. British –Scottish
10. Irish (Northern Ireland type)
11. Irish (Southern Irish type)
12. U.S. American – general
13. U.S. American – New York
14. U.S American – Southern
15. Australian
16. French
17. German
19. Italian
20. Chinese
21. Japanese
22. Indian
23. South African
24. Nigerian

Click here for the transript of this video!

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