Oct 172012

It’s Khalid’s birthday party and he is blowing out the candles on his cake and opening presents. But where did Helen’s gift come from? Find out more in episode 161 – Khalid’s birthday – from BBC Learning English.

Tim and Helen are taking Khalid ten-pin bowling for his birthday … but will he ever be able to knock down any pins? And what has happened to Alice? Find out more in episode 162 – Ten-pin bowling – from BBC Learning English.

Tim arrives at the cafe to find the door locked and no sign of Jack. What possible excuse can he have for being late? Again! Find out more in episode 163 – The wrong conclusion – from BBC Learning English.

Helen’s dad is thinking of modernising the flat and putting in a new bathroom and kitchen. But will the flatmates have to move out whilst the work is being done? Find out more in episode 164 – A new bathroom? – from BBC Learning English.

Back at the cafe, Tim decides that he’d like to help Jack in the kitchen to make them more of a team. But for how long will he be able to cope with some hard work? Find out more in episode 165 – Teamwork – from BBC Learning English.

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