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In the Flatmates’ kitchen Tim encounters Alice who is still very upset about being sent to the wrong bowling alley on Khalid’s birthday. Will she forgive Tim? Find out more in episode 166 – Holding a grudge – from BBC Learning English.

The flatmates are shocked when the new phone bill arrives – it’s one hundred and sixty three pounds!! But who made all those international calls? Find out more in episode 167 – The phone bill – from BBC Learning English.

The Flatmates are talking about where they will stay whilst the redecorating is carried out in the flat. Alice is staying at the nurses’ home and Tim with his parents on the farm. But what about Khalid? Find out more in episode 168 – Relocation – from BBC Learning English.

[audio:http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/flatmates/episode169/fm_audio_episode169_081104.mp3|titles=The wish list]

The wish list
Helen: Dad says we should make a wish-list for the redecorating.
Tim: The kitchen walls could really do with a lick of paint.
Helen: Yeah, there are quite a few tomato stains from all your great Italian cooking Tim!
Tim: Art comes at a price, you know.
Alice: Yes, chef. A power-shower would be fantastic.
Tim: There’s nothing really wrong with the one we’ve got, is there?
Alice: Well, I suppose it works OK.
Khalid: And we need to think about the environment too Alice. Doesn’t a power-shower use more energy?
Alice: You did say wish list, didn’t you Helen?
Khalid: How about a dish-washer?
Tim: A stroke of genius, Khalid!
Helen: Could this be the end of fights over the washing-up?
Alice: And environmentally friendly too, eh Khalid?

[audio:http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/flatmates/episode170/fm_audio_episode170_081111.mp3|titles=Plans for the cafe]

Plans for the cafe
Tim: Jack, Sally, can you come here for a minute?
Jack: What is it?
Sally: What’s up?
Tim: You know my flat is getting redecorated?
Sally: Yes.
Tim: Well, I’m moving back to my parents. And they live too far away for me to be able to come in to the cafe for the next couple of weeks. So we need to decide what you’re both going to do while I’m away.
Jack: We could close the cafe and all have a holiday.
Tim: That’s sounds like fun.
Sally: Yes, but would our loyal customers find somewhere else to get their cuppa and then never come back to us when we reopen? How about appointing one of us to be the manager?
Tim: Interesting ideas. Both of them. Let me think them over.


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