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Packing up
Khalid: The flat seems so quiet without Alice and Helen.
Tim: It’ll be even quieter when we head out of here soon.
Khalid: Now, are you sure you’ve got everything Tim?
Tim: I think so but I get the feeling I’m missing something important.
Khalid: You’ve got two huge suitcases. What can you possibly have leaved out?
Tim: That’s the trouble. If I knew what it was, I’d be able to pack it.
Khalid: Let me see if I can run your memory. Have you packed your clothes?
Tim: Yes.
Khalid: Looks like you’ve got enough to last you a month! Keys?
Tim: Yeah got them here.
Khalid: So what can you have forgotten?
Tim: Hi Kitty. Of course, Kitty!
Khalid: Kitty! Tim how could she have slipped your mind?
Tim: Don’t tell the Helen and Alice, please! They’ll kill me!

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Checking in
Receptionist: How can I help you sir?
Khalid: I have a reservation. Khalid Al Ahmadi.
Receptionist: Let’s see. Yes, we have a twin-bed with a bath ready for you.
Khalid: But I asked for a single with a shower.
Receptionist: I’m sorry but I didn’t get that message. Are you sure that’s what you booked?
Khalid: Yes I’m sure.
Receptionist: Well I’m afraid we don’t have any singles available just now.
Khalid: Is the double more expensive?
Receptionist: Yes, £15 more, per night. But we should have a single for you tomorrow.
Khalid: Well… this mistake isn’t my fault. I did book a single. I hope you won’t be charging me extra.
Receptionist: I’m afraid it’s out of my hands sir.
Khalid: Well in that case…

[audio:http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/flatmates/episode173/fm_audio_episode173_081202.mp3|titles=How’s Kitty?]

How’s Kitty?
Tim: Hi Helen.
Helen: How are you Tim?
Tim: Fantastic. Enjoying being spoiled rotten by my folks.
Helen: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Tim: There’s nothing like a bit of home cooking, is there?
Helen: I just can’t resist the dumplings my mum makes.
Tim: It’s the treacle sponge here that’s my undoing.
Helen: Tell me about it! I’m scared to step on the scales.
Tim: Hey, I’ve got someone here who wants a word with you.
Helen: Who is it?
Tim: A friend from the flat who’s missing you madly.
Helen: Oh Bronka! How are you? Is Tim feeding you properly?
Tim: Of course I am Helen! You don’t think I could ever neglect…
Helen: What did you say?
Tim: Forget… I said I could never forget Kitty!
Helen: Really?
Tim: What do you think?

[audio:http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/flatmates/episode174/fm_audio_episode174_081209.mp3|titles=Meeting the manager]

Meeting the manager
Manager: You wanted a word with me?
Khalid: Yes, I want to cancel my booking.
Manager: Oh I hope I can change your mind. What seems to be the trouble?
Khalid: Well first, you mixed up my booking.
Manager: We’ve just got a new booking system in place. It’s giving us a few teething problems.
Khalid: But that’s not my fault, is it?
Manager: Of course not sir. I just wanted to point out that Christine isn’t entirely to blame.
Khalid: But it’s not right that I should have to pay more because of this mix up.
Manager: I hear what you’re saying sir.
Khalid: Good. I’m glad you’re seeing sense. Because there are plenty of other hotels that want my business.
Manager: Couldn’t we come to some sort of compromise here?
Khalid: What did you have in mind?

[audio:http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/flatmates/episode175/fm_audio_episode175_081216.mp3|titles=Trouble at the cafe]

Trouble at the cafe
Jack: What?
Tim: Is everything alright Jack?
Jack: No Tim everything is not alright. I’ve just opened up the cafe and the place is completely flooded! There’s water everywhere, and, and, and other stuff too. Yuk! It’s going all over my shoes!
Tim: Ok, don’t panic.
Jack: I’m not panicking.
Tim: Look, where’s Sally?
Jack: We don’t need Sally. I’m in charge today.
Tim: It doesn’t sound as if you are.
Sally: Hello Jack! Oh-oh!
Tim: Is that Sally? Let me have a word with her?
Sally: Tim hi. It looks like the fridge has packed in. There’s milk, water, orange juice all over the floor. We’ll get it cleaned up, I’ll phone the electrician and we’ll just need to order a new bunch of supplies. Ok?
Tim: Perfect Sally. What would I do without you, eh?


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