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A hospital Christmas
Alice: Right, all the decorations are up in the ward. Time to wrap the presents and sort out the crackers.
Matron: You’re doing such a splendid job, Alice.
Alice: Thank you. I’ve always loved organising Christmas parties and I want this to be a really fun time for the kids, to take their minds off being in hospital.
Matron: Well, in my book, anything that’s good for a patient’s psychology is good for their biology! But, I’m afraid I have some bad news.
Alice: Oh, what’s happened?
Matron: You see there’s a staff shortage on another ward. We need you to work there for a while.
Alice: Oh, when?
Matron: Right now.
Alice: But we’re about to have the party.
Matron: I’m sorry Alice, but there’s no choice.

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New Year’s fireworks
Alice: Hey girls, let’s stand here. We’ll get a great view of the fireworks.
Nurse Molly: Okay. Who’s got the champagne?
Nurse Liz: Me. Shall I open it now?
Alice: Oh no, wait till the big moment. It’s so great to be out with you all. Thanks for being so lovely this Christmas. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.
Liz: It’s been great getting to know you too, Alice. We wouldn’t have had anywhere near such a good Christmas if you hadn’t been there to cook the turkey!
Alice: We had a lovely time, didn’t we? I wish I hadn’t missed my ward’s Christmas party though. Still, I’ve had fun in the end.
Molly: And here’s wishing you more fun for the New Year!
Liz: Here we go everyone … 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Everyone: Happy New Year!

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Catching up
Alice: So, in the end, I had a great time. I went out with the girls on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks went down really well with everyone, as did the champagne! But enough about me, how was your Christmas and New Year?
Helen: Fine, fine, except I went down with ‘flu on Christmas Eve.
Alice: No way!
Helen: Yes, and I went right off my food. I felt so bad as my mum had made a real effort with the dinner.
Alice: What a shame. What about New Year?
Helen: That was better thanks. I just stayed in with all the family and watched TV, you know. Have you heard from Tim and Khalid?
Alice: No. I was going to ask you the same thing. I wonder why they haven’t called.

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Paying the bill
Khalid: I’d like to check out now please.
Manager: Certainly sir. Was everything satisfactory?
Khalid: Not really, no. You mixed up my booking, I ordered a vegetarian breakfast but was given steak and eggs, and the hot water in my shower didn’t work in the mornings.
Manager: Yes, I know you had a few problems but really, the important thing is, would you say they were dealt with politely and efficiently?
Khalid: No, I would say they were dealt with completely unpolitely and non-efficiently, actually. I had to ask more than three times to have my shower fixed and the waiter was very rude when I asked him to change my food.
Manager: Well, can I offer you a further discount as compensation? Say, 15%?
Khalid: Oh… Thank you.

[audio:http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/flatmates/episode180/fm_audio_episode180_090120.mp3|titles=Breakfast on the farm]

Breakfast on the farm
Tim’s mum: Good morning Khalid!
Khalid: Morning Mrs Hunter. Thanks for inviting me to stay here.
Tim: We couldn’t have you staying another day in that dreadful hotel. Sleep well Khalid?
Khalid: I don’t know who said the countryside is quiet.
Tim: The birds can make quite a racket in the morning.
Mum: How do you like your eggs, Khalid?
Khalid: Scrambled please.
Tim: Oh, me too mum.
Mum: Coming right up. So what are you boys up to today?
Tim: I thought you’d like to give me a hand with the chores Khalid.
Khalid: Chores?
Tim: Well, where do you think these lovely eggs come from and the milk in your coffee?
Khalid: The supermarket?
Tim: Khalid! I think it’s time for you to…
Khalid: Pardon?


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