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What words and phrases would you use if you were asked to describe somebody? What would you say if you needed to taxi? What words and phrases would you use to introduce your different family members? Do you know what to say when somebody talks about the weather to you or when you discuss the latest songs or your favorite music with your friends? Do you know what you should say when you are leaving after meeting somebody? TwoMinute English videos help you in these situations.

Episodes of the TwoMinute English Video Series

Going somewhere… Taxi; Directions
Describing… People; Things
Inviting people… Events; Movies; Hiking trip; Taking a break
Like; Dislike; Sorry
At a… Hospital; Restaurant; Gym
Making… Appointment; Excuses; Hunting for a job
Vacation… Hotel; Apartment
At the… Airport; Train Station; Bank
Ordering… Pizza; Coffee; Things online
Shopping for… TV; Clothes; Shoes
At the… Supermarket; Grocery Store; Stationery shop; Bookstore
Talking about… Family; Weather; Song; Cellphone
Use of… Very, Too; May (not); Can(‘t); The
Greeting, introducing

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