Dec 182012

In this episode of the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! : Carl reads descriptions of three new TV shows based on the week’s news, and a caller has to guess what they’re about: Bye-Bye Billions, Hello Billions, and Virtue and Vice.

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CARL KASELL: From NPR and WBEZ-Chicago, this is WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!, the NPR News quiz. I’m Carl Kasell. We’re playing his week with Jessi Klein, Tom Bodett, and Charlie Pierce. And, here again is your host, at the Music Center at Strathmore in North Bethesda, Maryland, Peter Sagal.


Thank you, Carl.


SAGAL: Thank you, guys. Right now, it’s time for the WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME! Bluff the Listener game. Call 1-888-Wait-Wait to play our game on the air. Hi, you’re on WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!

LANDON TUCKER: Hey, this is Landon, calling from New Orleans, Louisiana.

SAGAL: New Orleans, how are things in New Orleans? One of my favorite cities there is.

TUCKER: It is hot.

SAGAL: What do you do there?

TUCKER: I ride in the carnival parades.

SAGAL: You do? You ride in a Mardi Gras float?

TUCKER: I do, yeah, the Krewe of Thoth.

SAGAL: Krewe of what?

TUCKER: The Krewe of Thoth.

SAGAL: Of tote?

TUCKER: Thoth.

SAGAL: Toad?



SAGAL: Oh, Thoth.

TUCKER: Thoth. Yeah, it’s an Egyptian god, half ibis, half man.

SAGAL: Oh, I see.


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