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In this episode of the Wait Wait… We’ve had a lot of impressive people as our guests on this show … Nobel Prize winners, senators, governors, and two presidents of the United States. But now, for the first time ever, we are honored to welcome a Lord of Immortality, a Keeper of Perfect Health for the World.

We’ve invited writer and physician Deepak Chopra to play a game called “Yes, we Cannes!” The Cannes Film Festival wrapped up on Sunday, and that means one thing: NPR hosts pronouncing “Cannes” 18 different ways. While Cannes gets a lot of press, one thing you don’t hear much about is the Marche du Film, where new, not-necessarily-great films get bought and sold. We’ll ask Chopra three questions about titles up for sale.

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And now the game where we ask very wise people about very silly things. We’ve had a lot of impressive people as our guests on this show: Nobel Prize winners, senators, governors, two presidents. But today, for the first time ever, we are honored to welcome a man who has the titles Lord of Immortality and a keeper of perfect health for the world. That would be Dr. Deepak Chopra, of course. Deepak, welcome to WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!


SAGAL: So first things first, I knew a lot about you, best-selling author, extraordinarily influential physician of the mind and body. I did not know you were a lord of immortality. That was a title you got from whom exactly?

DEEPAK CHOPRA: It was from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the person who brought transcendental meditation to the world.

SAGAL: Right. And what sort of privileges does being a lord of immortality get you?

CHOPRA: Nobody takes you seriously.




SAGAL: Really?

CHOPRA: Forever.

JENNINGS: In the singles scene, can you go up to someone and be like: How would you like to be the lady of immortality? Does that work?


CHOPRA: Well, it does work sometimes.



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