Dec 122013

In this episode of the Wait Wait… Actor John Lithgow has won awards for performances ranging from the goofy alien patriarch in 3rd Rock from the Sun to a demonic serial killer on Dexter to dramatic and musical roles on Broadway. (And if that weren’t enough, he’s written best-selling children’s books, too.)
Since he’s so successful onstage, we’re going to ask him three questions about failures. He’ll take a quiz about terrible new products, from Daily Finance’s .

And now the game where we ask somebody who’s done a lot of cool things to do one silly thing, it’s called Not My Job.
Actor and author and singer John Lithgow has won numerous awards for his performances ranging from the goofy alien patriarch in “Third Rock from the Sun” to a demonic serial killer on “Dexter.” He’s also written bestselling children’s books, won Tony awards on Broadway in dramatic and musical roles and, look, I’m getting tired just reading his resume. John Lithgow, welcome to WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!
JOHN LITHGOW: Hey, delighted to be here.
SAGAL: Well, we’re excited to talk to you particularly because we are here in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you, sir, I am told, are a Buckeye.
LITHGOW: Yes, I am. Until about 11 years old, I lived in Yellow Springs, and Cincinnati was my first city.
SAGAL: Oh really? So…
LITHGOW: Is that everybody applauding out there?
SAGAL: Yeah, they’re excited for your Ohio patriotism.
LITHGOW: Well, they still claim me, and I’m delighted to be claimed. I loved growing up in Ohio.
SAGAL: And I wanted to ask this because one of the things I’m fascinated with by you, in addition to your range of pursuits, which is impressive in itself, your range of acting performances is really amazing. Usually guys are heavies or heroes. You do both. You were within the span of – you’ve won Emmys for both the very funny, goofy patriarch on “Third Rock from the Sun” not to mention your amazing work in “Harry and the Hendersons.”

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