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In this episode of the Wait Wait… This week we’re recording at Tanglewood — the outdoor music venue in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts — and we thought it would be a good time to talk with classical pianist Emanuel Ax, who has won seven Grammy awards and recorded with the world’s greatest orchestras.

We’ve invited Ax to play a game called “You make men irresistible to women!” Three questions about Axe body spray.

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PETER SAGAL, HOST: And now the game where we ask a serious person silly questions. It’s called Not My Job. So here we are at Tanglewood, a famed venue for classical music, and frankly we have no idea how to behave. So we figured we’d ask an expert. Emanuel Ax is a famed classical pianist who’s played here so many times he just moved in nearby to save on the commute.

He’s won seven Grammy Awards, he’s recorded with the world’s greatest orchestras, and we are delighted to have him with us here. Emanuel Ax, welcome to WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!


EMANUEL AX: Thank you so much.

SAGAL: Let’s just go right to the important thing. Emanuel Ax is the coolest, most macho name in classical music.

AX: It is a little strange, I know.

SAGAL: It’s pretty good.

AX: I have nothing to do with it.


SAGAL: Because, you know, we talked to – oh, we’re going to go talk to Emanuel Ax, and they were like what is that, a metal band?


AX: There are a lot of jokes, obviously, out there.

SAGAL: Really?

AX: Oh, many, many.

SAGAL: Do you know any better ones than that because that was pretty lame?


AX: Well, they had – one of my favorites was I play quite often with my friend Yo-Yo Ma.


AX: And there’s a wonderful German violinist, and people had the idea of putting together the Lizzie Borden Trio because her name is Anne-Sophie Mutter. So it would be Ax, Ma, Mutter Trio.





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