Nov 162014

In this episode of the Wait Wait… In most of Ron Perlman’s well-known roles — in Quest for Fire, the TV show Beauty and the Beast and the Hellboy movies — he is so covered in makeup you don’t know what he looks like. Good thing we’ve invited him onto the radio where we can clear that right up!

Since Perlman famously played the Beast — as well as many other characters with unique visages — we’ll ask him three questions about beauty.


And now the game where we take successful people and force them to talk to people like us. Ron Perlman is a unique actor in that most of his well-known roles, like the lead in “Quest For Fire,” the TV show “Beauty And The Beast,” the “Hellboy” movies – he’s so covered in extreme makeup, you don’t know what he looks like. And since we’re on the radio, you will still never find out. Ron Perlman, welcome to WAIT WAIT …DON’T TELL ME.
RON PERLMAN: Thank you so much.
SAGAL: Thank you.
PERLMAN: Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of you that are clapping, thank you.
SAGAL: We found that that you have this extraordinarily loyal legion of female fans. And because – we know this because a while ago on the show we did a segment – a quiz segment about you in which it might have been perceived that we were casting some aspersions on your physical appearance.
PERLMAN: And what happened then?
SAGAL: They came after us like a mob of furies. It was crazy.
PERLMAN: Don’t mess with the Perl girls.
SAGAL: And I found out – oh, they call themselves Perl girls or Perls, right?
PERLMAN: I – yeah.


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