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In this episode of the Wait Wait… Veterinarian and former bouncer for the Rolling Stones Kevin Fitzgerald answers questions about the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO), which provided steroids and growth hormones to athletes.

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PETER SAGAL, HOST: In August of 2007, we did our show in Boulder, Colorado, and a former bouncer for the Rolling Stones turned large animal veterinarian named Kevin Fitzgerald came by to play Not My Job.

Now just about everybody can remember a moment when a trusted father figure turned to you and said son, or daughter, you’ve got to make something of your life. But in these stories, it isn’t usually Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. But that is who set Kevin Fitzgerald on his life path, and thus chastened, he went on to become the world’s only former rock-‘n’-roll bouncer/veterinarian/star of Animal Planet. He is a proud Denver native. We are pleased to have him with us today. Kevin Fitzgerald, welcome to WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!


SAGAL: So first of all, is that story true? Was it, in fact, Keith Richards who said to you, in effect, go to veterinary school, young man – or whatever?

KEVIN FITZGERALD: Well, Keith was in charge of the bouncers. So at the end of the tour, he’d take care of you, you know? And he’d say, OK, we’ll pay you – and whatever was happening. At the end of the ’78 tour, he said, man, you know you’ve been with ’69, ’72, ’75, ’78, why don’t you do something? You know, this isn’t going to last forever. You know, they knew that the public was fickle.


SAGAL: He was so wrong about that, it turns out.

FITZGERALD: I know. They never knew they’d still, you know. And he goes, you know, you can’t be a bouncer when you’re 50. Why don’t I help you go to school, do something. You know, get a grip. You know, do – so I flew back to Denver, and my brother picked me up from the airport. And I said, man, Keith told me I should get a grip on my life.



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