Oct 092013

In this episode of the Wait Wait… Michele Tafoya is the Emmy award-winning reporter for NBC’s Sunday Night Football, but she’s spent time on basketball courts, softball diamonds, gymnastics mats and now public radio quiz show game grids.

We’ve invited Tafoya to play a game called “Enter at your own risk!” As one of the first female reporters to be allowed inside the NFL locker room, she has been a pioneer in her field. But there are still places out there where they believe in cooties, so Tafoya will answer three questions about men’s-only clubs.

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PETER SAGAL, HOST: And now the game where we ask people who’ve achieved great things questions that diminish all their achievements.


SAGAL: The job of the NFL sideline reporter is three parts glamour, four parts grit and 10 parts fending off the advances of a randy Hall of Fame quarterback.


SAGAL: Michele Tafoya is the Emmy Award winning reporter for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” but she’s spent time on basketball courts, softball diamonds, gymnastic mats and now public radio quiz show “Game Grids.” Michele Tafoya, welcome to WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME! Pleasure to have you.



SAGAL: So you are and have been for how long now, the sideline on-field reporter for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football”?

TAFOYA: I’m entering my third season for “Sunday Night Football.”

SAGAL: Yeah.

TAFOYA: I spent about eight seasons before that on “Monday Night Football.”

SAGAL: Uh-huh.

TAFOYA: And so if they come up with any other days of the week, I’ll be happy to try those, as well.

SAGAL: That’s exciting.




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