Oct 192014

We’re recording our show in Pittsburgh this week — that’s where Jeff Goldblum grew up and got his start as a performer playing piano in local clubs. He went on to become an actor in Hollywood, starring in Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Law & Order … and a 1986 movie called The Fly.

We’ve invited Goldblum to play a game called “Your fly is open.” Three questions about zippers.


And now the game where we like to ask people about where they came from and how they ended up here. It’s called Not My Job. Actor Jeff Goldblum got his start as a performer playing piano in the clubs here in Pittsburgh where he grew up and eventually ended up being one of the most celebrated character actors in Hollywood. He joins us now. Jeff Goldblum, welcome to WAIT WAIT …DON’T TELL ME.
JEFF GOLDBLUM: Thank you so much.
GOLDBLUM: It’s my pleasure to be on the show.
SAGAL: So is it true, Jeff, that what we heard that you first started performing as a piano player – which I know you still are – as a teenager here in Pittsburgh? Is that right?
GOLDBLUM: Yeah. I did. It I had a couple of jobs there. I, you know, my parents gave us piano lessons. And then somehow around 15 – even though I knew I wanted to be an actor – I had this idea, and I thought I’d be sneaky or something. I don’t know why I had to do it. I got the Yellow Pages and sequestered myself in some little place in the house and started to call a list of cocktail lounges, and say, hey, I hear you need a piano player there. I thought I’d pull some kind of scam. Most people would say no, we don’t even have a piano. Some people would say yeah, we’ve got in a piano. Come down, we’ll – you know, so I got a couple of jobs that way. How about that?
SAGAL: Really?
SAGAL: And have you used that technique later in life? Did you call up Steven Spielberg and say, hey, I think you’re looking for an eccentric mathematician?
GOLDBLUM: Yeah. No, not really. No, I’ve gone straight in my approach now.
SAGAL: So you went up to New York to be an actor at the age of 17. And you were in theater for a long time. And then you broke into movies playing an – our understanding is your first credited role in movies was in the movie “Death Wish” as a Freak Number One.


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