Sep 142014

Comedian Richard Lewis has made a successful career out of being a nervous, complaining, chronic worrier. He’s just released a retrospective DVD set called Bundle of Nerves.

We’ve invited Lewis to play a game called “The secret, my young friend, is confidence.” Three questions about how to be a badass, taken from the WikiHow article, How to Become a Badass.


And now the game where people come to the end of a long career and have an experience that makes them wonder what the point of it all was.
RICHARD LEWIS: Oh, thanks a lot.
SAGAL: No, no, no. Good, we’re starting well. Let me get through the introduction, and then I will merely back off and let you take over. Here we go.
LEWIS: You’re just like my mother, you. All right, fine.
SAGAL: A lot of us are nervous. A lot of us go to therapists. A lot of us complain. But few people…
LEWIS: Wait a minute, did you tailor this for me?
SAGAL: I did.
SAGAL: If you just let me continue, I will say your name even.
LEWIS: All right. OK, fine.
SAGAL: But few – hang on a second, Richard, we’re having a bit of a sound issue. Maybe because your hand is close to your mouth, we’re getting a lot of breathing.
LEWIS: Stop judging me. It’s a telephone.
LEWIS: I’m doing the best I can. I’m in a hotel room. What am I going to do – call the engineer to come up here? First of all, the toilet broke. Everything…
SAGAL: All right. We’re going to get through this introduction. Here we go.


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