Nov 092014

In this episode of the Wait Wait… Wait Wait is in Austin, Texas this week, and so we’ve invited country singer Dale Watson to play our quiz. Watson has that true Austin sound — not to mention his own honky-tonk bar.

We’ve invited Watson to play a game called, “Elementary, my dear Dale!” Three questions about the immortal detective, Sherlock Holmes.


And now the game where we travel the country to find people who at least didn’t have to leave home to do this. To many, Austin, Texas means music – specifically country music – and by that, we don’t mean the stuff they pedal in Nashville. We mean the down home twanging songs about cold beer and true misery. Dale Watson has got the true Austin sound…
SAGAL: …He’s got the tats, he’s got the pompadour, and he’s got his own honky-tonk right here in Austin. Dale Watson, welcome…
DALE WATSON: Thank you.
SAGAL: Austin City Limits – that’s the great music program out of Austin – they call you Austin’s king of country music. Does that sound right to you? Do you accept that title?
WATSON: Oh, no, I couldn’t do that.
SAGAL: Really?
WATSON: No, but I’m very honored. I play Ameripolitan music.


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