Aug 302014

Deval Patrick was elected governor of the commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2006. He’s finishing his second and final term, and he clearly no longer cares because he’s agreed to join us to play our quiz.

We’ve invited him to answer three questions about Burning Man, the annual art festival/hippie magnet taking place in the desert of northern Nevada.


And now the game where people who have nothing left to prove don’t bother trying to prove anything. It’s called Not My Job. Deval Patrick born in the South Side of Chicago but came east when he couldn’t get into the University of Chicago, and instead went to a safety school, Harvard.
SAGAL: It was disappointing, as you can imagine. He did OK anyway. He was elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2006. And as he finishes his second and final term in that office, he clearly no longer cares because he’s agreed to join us here. Gov. Deval Patrick, welcome…
PATRICK: Thank you, Peter.
SAGAL: Some people, Gov. Patrick, have said that your rise to the senior position in statewide office was unusual or surprising for a number of reasons, but let’s admit it, it’s because with a name like Deval Patrick, everybody thought you were Irish.
PATRICK: True. That is true.
SAGAL: Did that help?
PATRICK: That did help. I – we didn’t use photographs, that kind of thing.
SAGAL: Now in reality…
ADAM FELBER: Mostly radio ads.
PATRICK: Exactly. Exactly.
PAULA POUNDSTONE: And he often referred to his shillelagh.


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