Sep 062014

Folk singer Loudon Wainwright III has just released his 22nd studio album, called Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet). We’ve invited him to answer three questions about other notable thirds: King Richard III, Albert Gore III and psychologist Russell D. Clark III.


And now the game where we invite on interesting people and try to hold their interest. It’s called Not My Job. Ask a bunch of random people who Loudon Wainwright III is and you get a bunch of different answers. It’s like, he’s a folk singer, he’s an actor, he’s Rufus Wainwright’s dad, and this is Comcast customer service, why are you asking me about this man?
SAGAL: Well, he just released his 22nd studio album. It’s called “Haven’t Got The Blues (Yet). Loudon Wainwright, welcome to WAIT WAIT …DON’T TELL ME.
SAGAL: So this is amazing. It’s your 22nd album?
WAINWRIGHT: Actually, it’s my 26th.
SAGAL: Twenty-sixth?
SAGAL: So you’ve been doing this for a long time. When did you put out your first record?
SAGAL: So has the subject of your songs changed? They seem to have changed.
WAINWRIGHT: Well, yes. I mean, I – initially I wrote a lot about bad relationships, love relationships. And now I write a lot about death and decay.
SAGAL: Yeah.


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