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Travel guru Rick Steves was born and raised in Seattle, where we’re taping our show this week, but he didn’t stay put for long. Steves spent most of his adult life traveling the world, writing a series of guidebooks, hosting a travel show for PBS and ruining some of Europe’s most treasured cities with hordes of Americans following his advice.

Since we specialize in asking people things they know nothing about, we’ve decided to ask Rick Steves three questions about people out there in the world named Steve Ricks.


And now the game where people who have seen the treasures of the world take a detour to see something dumb, we call it Not My Job. Rick Steves was born, raised and still lives in the Seattle area, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get around. He spent most of his adult life traveling world. He wrote a series of best-selling guidebooks. He hosts a travel show for PBS, and he has ruined some of Europe’s most treasured sites by sending hoards of Americans who follow his advice. Rick Steve’s, welcome to WAIT WAIT, DON’T TELL ME.
RICK STEVES: Thank you.
SAGAL: So you were born here in Seattle – Edmonds, Washington?
STEVES: Yeah, half hour north of here.
SAGAL: Half hour north of here. And you live right near where you grew up, right?
STEVES: I can look out my window at work and see my junior high school. Didn’t go very far.
SAGAL: Really?
SAGAL: And did you enjoy junior high school? Is that why you stuck around? ‘Cause I never want to see mine again to tell you the truth.
STEVES: Well, I never thought about Europe when I was in junior high.
SAGAL: I understand. And you’ve made your name specifically as a guide to Europe. So what was it about Europe the first time you went that you were like, oh, this is what I want to do. I could come here for the rest of my life?
STEVES: You remember a long time ago there was roots, and everybody was tracking their roots and wanting to see tombstones with their names on it stuff like that?
SAGAL: Oh, roots like, you know, like Alex Haley’s roots?
STEVES: That’s right. Yeah. And that didn’t do anything for me but I wanted to find my cultural roots, which happed to be in Europe. So I got over there and it was quite interesting. There was different candy, different pop. I remember statuesque women in Germany with hairy armpits.


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