Apr 242013

In this episode of the Wait Wait… Apollo Robbins may be one of the few people in the world to proudly identify as a professional pickpocket. He shows off his skills in Vegas and elsewhere, and works as a consultant to help all kinds of organizations protect themselves from people like him.

We’ve invited Robbins to play a game called “Try to pick this pocket, hot shot!” He may know all about picking pockets, but what does he know about Hot Pockets? Three questions about microwavable turnovers.

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And now, the game where we look for people with extraordinary skills and refuse to let them use them. Speaking of extraordinary skills, Apollo Robbins may be the world’s only professional pickpocket, or at least the only one who admits it.

He shows off his skills in Vegas and elsewhere, and as a consultant helps all kinds of organizations protect themselves from people like him. He’s known as the gentleman thief. We’re glad to have him. Apollo Robbins, welcome to WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!



SAGAL: So we read about you in the New Yorker a while ago. We were totally fascinated. How did you get your start as, well, a pickpocket?

ROBBINS: The short answer is it’s a family business I guess.

SAGAL: Oh, I see.


ROBBINS: But the long form, I started as a sleight of hand artist when I was an early teen, and I found that picking pockets was a little bit more lucrative. And I got invited to work in a show out in Las Vegas when I was 21. But I had been exposed as a kid to my half brothers had been involved with some illegal activity and it kind of rubbed off.

SAGAL: Right. But now you do this – you’re legit. You do a show, and basically, we’ve seen you on video and we’ve read about it. Basically, you invite people onstage and you rob them blind while they’re standing there.

ROBBINS: It’s part of my community service I guess you’d say.



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