Jul 202013

Part 1: BBC Words in the News Episodes 1 to 5

Words in the News 2013/1
Cyprus tries to sort out its finances
Horsemeat scandal widens
Austerity for Chinese New Year
Building a better future


Words in the News 2013/2
Listing all species on earth ‘a possibility’
Armstrong’s confession
Half of all food wasted
Australian cigarette packaging
Italian car sales crash


Words in the News 2013/3
UN rejects claims from cholera victims
Sri Lankan religious tensions
Meteor hits Russia
Ceremony for new Archbishop of Canterbury
What does Europe want from Obama?


Words in the News 2013/4
Obama’s brain project
Monitoring microblogs
Chavez’s body to be preserved and displayed
Wikileaks soldier reveals why he shared secrets


Words in the News 2013/5
Haiti cholera victims threaten UN
Switzerland limits immigration
Chinese earthquake rescue
Texas blast investigation
Ex-Prime Minister Thatcher dies
Hotel living


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