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Do you really know the original story of Frankenstein? Enjoy our new drama, based on the famous classic by English writer Mary Shelley

Frankenstein: Episode 1 – A passion for science Transcript Video


BBC Drama – Frankenstein with Transcript Videos

Frankenstein 1 – A passion for science
“I’m Viktor Frankenstein. I was rescued in the Arctic by Captain Walton’s boat. I’m weak but I have to tell you my story. You are a fool if you fight Nature! I was and I have to warn you of danger!”
Frankenstein 2 – It’s alive!
“I’m scientist Viktor Frankenstein. I’m very smart and I feel powerful. I’m going to challenge Nature and I’m going to create life!”
Frankenstein 3 – Death in the family
“I’m scientist Viktor Frankenstein and I’m back in my hometown, Geneva. A murder and a trial brought me back… Was this woman guilty of murder?”
Frankenstein 4 – Creature meets creator
“I’m scientist Viktor Frankenstein and I had an unexpected meeting when I was walking to the top of Montavert. The Creature wanted to talk to me. I was angry but I followed it to its hut…”
Frankenstein 5 – The milk of human kindness
“I’m Viktor Frankenstein’s Creature. I love this family. They are poor but kind to each other. Will they ever accept me and love me back?”
Frankenstein 6 – Death comes to you
“I’m the Creature and I’m sad and lonely. A child won’t reject me just because I’m ugly. I’m good and loving but if you’re not my friend I’ll kill you!”
Frankenstein 7 – A monster bride
“I’m Viktor Frankenstein. If I build the Creature a bride it will go away and leave me and my family in peace. But… if the bride kills people? Am I doing the right thing?”
Frankenstein 8 – Jail time
“I’m Viktor Frankenstein. What have I done? I’m here in jail accused of murder! When will this nightmare end?”
Frankenstein 9 – The wedding night
“I hate you, monster! I hate you! You murdered my wife, Elizabeth and my last chance of happiness! Now I want to kill you!”
Frankenstein 10 – Melting the ice
“People feared me and hated me and I hated them back. And my creator Viktor Frankenstein most of all. I made him suffer and what good came of it? Now he is dead!”

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