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At what age do we become adults? Many people assume it’s 18. It’s an age when many leave home for university and also when we can vote in elections the UK.
But new guidance for psychologists in the UK says that adolescence – the time when we change from being a child to an adult – now lasts until the age of 25. Does this mean we are growing up later, or are there other factors?



Vocabulary and definitions

adulthood – the period of life when you are an adult
stand on your own two feet – be independent; look after yourself
maturity – behaving and thinking like a grown up
adolescence – period in your life when you change from being a child to an adult
psychologists – person who studies the human mind, their emotions and behaviour
hormones – chemicals in the body that influence the development, growth and sex of an animal
formative years – period of time when someone develops their character and beliefs
social death – embarrassing situation
mollycoddling – over protecting or doing too much for someone
juvenile – young person but not yet considered an adult

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