Oct 172012

Alice is looking after a new nurse at the hospital but is shocked when she introduces him to Dr Laver. What does he say to her?

Henry calls Tim to ask if he will consider giving his head-strong nephew a job at the cafe. But who is this mystery nephew?

John is helping Helen revise for her test, but is she now regretting her promise to her father?

Alice has submitted her request for a transfer away from the neo-natal ward and Dr Laver. However, the ward is very short staffed – will Matron consent to the transfer?

The Professor is about to put the exam results on the noticeboard but Helen is terribly nervous and can’t bear too look. Will she get the 90% she needs to go to Beijing?

The Flatmates 1-5.

The Flatmates 146-150.

The Flatmates 156-160.

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Source: BBC Flatmates

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