Oct 142014

This week’s 6 Minute Vocabulary, all about prefixes. We can put prefixes at the beginning of some words to change their meaning. They are usually only a few letters long like these:

unhappy – not happy: The football fans were very unhappy when their team lost.
uncooked – not cooked: You can’t eat these uncooked apples. They are very sour.
unclean – not clean: That water is unclean. You shouldn’t drink it.

intolerable – cannot be tolerated or accepted: This heat is intolerable. It’s making me feel ill.
inexpensive – not expensive; cheap: The shop sells inexpensive second-hand computers.
inactive – not active: He’s put on weight because he is so inactive. He should join a gym!

disagree – to not agree: I disagree with my sister about everything.
disgrace – something to be ashamed of: Your table manners are a disgrace.
disgusting – so horrible that you feel sick: There’s a disgusting smell in the bathroom – open a window, quickly!


6 Minute Vocabulary: Prefixes Transcript Video


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