Jan 042015

Girl power in Ghana’s schools: Getting a good education is difficult for girls in Ghana.
In this News Report, we hear about a project that is helping them with English, maths – and confidence.



Swiss children used as slave labour: This week’s News Report tells the story of the ‘contract children’ – children in Switzerland who were taken away from their families and sent to work on farms.



Mushrooms are the business for Burmese migrant: We’ve heard a lot about moving around in this unit, but migration is an issue in many places. And migrants face challenges all the time.
In News Report this time we hear about Than Wai Aung, a migrant from Burma who has moved to Thailand – we’ll hear about his difficulties but also his successes.



Minecraft player builds virtual city: Imagine building a city – how long would that take? Well a student from the USA has done just that and it only took him two years! The only thing is the city isn’t real, it’s something he’s created using the video game Minecraft.



BBC News Report Dec 2014 Transcript Video


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