Jan 092014

In this week’s 6 Minute English – Downsizing for Italy’s Casanovas with transcript video:
Some Italian men are known as Casanovas. They woo – or chase – women and buy them expensive gifts.
But now, because of the economic downturn, some of them are struggling to live up to the reputation they once had.
Rob and Finn – non-Casanovas – discuss the cutbacks these men are making and what it means for their mistresses, or their ‘secret women’.

Which Italian city was Giacomo Girolamo Casanova born in? Is it:
a) Florence
b) Rome
c) Venice


6 Minute English - Downsizing for Italys Casanovas

Vocabulary and definitions
seducing: persuading someone to have sex with you
promiscuous: having lots of sexual partners
to woo: to try and start a romantic relationship
swanky: fashionable and expensive
downsizing: making smaller or cutting back
mistress: (here) woman who is having a sexual relationship with a married man
Latin lover: a stereotypical way to describe a romantic and passionate male lover from a Mediterranean or Latin-American country
rein in: control or limit something that has developed too much
lavished: gave someone a lot of something, such as money
go Dutch: to pay just for your own food and drink when eating with other people
window shopping: (here) looking at women but without planning to try to develop a relationship
eyeing up: looking at someone with sexual interest

6 Minute English – Downsizing for Italy’s Casanovas Transcript Video


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