Oct 122015

Do films like Les Miserables make you cry? Rob and Feifei discuss why we love to watch films that bring out an emotional response, and cause us to blub and sob.
We hear how watching a film gives us a chance to let our emotions out and learn several expressions to describe crying and feeling upset.



Vocabulary and definitions

burst into tears – to start crying loudly and suddenly
misty-eyed – feeling that you might start to cry
a weepy – a film that makes you cry
tearjerker – (also) a film that makes you cry
(to) blub – (to) cry noisily
a sob story – a story someone tells to get sympathy
goose bumps – small bumps on your skin caused by being scared, excited, upset or cold
crying their hearts out – crying uncontrollably
it’s a crying shame – it’s regrettable, unfortunate or unfair
(to) cry over spilt milk – (to) waste time worrying about something small or something that cannot be changed

6 Minute English ’13 – Why we love a film that makes us cry? Transcript Video


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